Shanxi vows to actively promote “new energy + energy storage” in the course of 14FYP

Shanxi vows to actively promote “new energy + energy storage” in the course of 14FYP


The Shanxi Provincial Government issued Shanxi Province's "14th Five-Year Plan" for the New Forms of Business.

The notice underscores vigorous development of green energy:

  • Shanxi will accelerate the cultivation of green energy production, consumption and trading such as third-party operation and maintenance and peer-to-peer energy services. It is encouraged to develop green energy derivatives and offer differentiated green energy packages. The government will promote the independent and standardized operation of power trading institutions and establish and improve an open and transparent trading platform.
  • Energy companies will be supported to actively participate in carbon trading. Energy producers and users are encouraged to set up carbon neutralization funds. The Shanxi government will promote renewable energy as an alternative to fossil energy, and promote clean energy consumption across provinces. It will also carry out the pilot demonstration projects of "New Energy + Energy Storage". To meet the peak regulation needs of the power grid, Shanxi will organize and implement a number of different types of energy storage demonstration projects to carry out the integrated business model of "wind/solar + energy storage", "decentralized power + microgrid+energy storage" and "public power grid + energy storage". At the same time, “Internet of Energy” demo projects such as "New Energy + EV" and “New energy+grid+load(EV)+storage" will be explored. Shanxi will accelerate the development and promotion of large-capacity energy storage technology with an aim to build a new type of power system with new energy as the main body, and enhance the power grid's power collection and delivery capacity.

(Shanxi govt.)