Chang Xu

Engineer and Analyst

Chang Xu has more than 8 years of professional experience working with foreign companies in China, including 5 years working as combined engineer and market analyst in the China renewable energy sector at Azure.

Chang Xu has a unique combination of engineering skills with strong knowledge of the China power sector which enables him to rapidly understand and assess projects and policies from a technical perspective. Chang Xu specializes in researching and securing data enabling quantitative analysis of project opportunities and risks, helping to navigate the complex and changing landscape of the Chinese new energy sector.

At Azure Chang Xu has developed a specialty in power data research and energy balance calculations enabling to forecast curtailment risk for wind or PV projects in China. He has supported the technical assessment of grid off take / curtailment risk for a number of wind and PV farms in China, which involved securing all power production, consumption and grid data for selected regions in China, compiling data and performing pipeline and approval analysis to predict future trends, analyzing data involving wind power curtailment and bottleneck forecast software and conducting final analysis for summary reports and final review meetings with clients.

Chang Xu is also lead reporter for the Azure weekly China Cleantech News. He is fluent in English (working language) and Chinese (mother tongue).