Hubert Beaumont


Hubert is CEO at Azure International, specializing in due diligence of renewable energy projects as well as cross-border technology transfer partnerships. Hubert’s initial expertise lies in the field of wind resource analysis, including installation of wind monitoring equipment, wind data collection and technical feasibility studies.

During more than twelve years at Azure Hubert has been working extensively with turbine manufacturers, part suppliers, project developers, local government officials, design institutes, grid companies, investors and local and international technical experts, and in the process has become very familiar with wind and solar project planning process, design and challenges.

Hubert has led a large number of due diligence projects on wind and PV portfolios covering assessments of companies, wind and PV resources, project approvals, wind turbine technology, project financials, detailed curtailment modeling / forecasting and grid off-take risk analysis etc. As part of these activities, Hubert has conducted technical assessment of grid off-take / curtailment risk for a number of wind and PV farms in China, including detailed modeling of production per type of power plant, map of current and planned distribution networks, regional demand hourly patterns, grid company dispatch mechanisms, and hourly modeling to quantify and forecast curtailment moving forward.

Hubert has also led a number of market entry projects, developing strategies to introduce new technologies in China, helping western technology providers to identify and secure best fit strategic go- to-market industrial partners, as well as managing these relationships and executing strategies moving forward.

Hubert has graduated with a MS in Engineering from the French Ecole Centrale de Nantes. Based in Beijing for more than twelve years, his Chinese skills allow him to work and communicate in Chinese in every day work.