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Your Partner On the Ground

Companies considering involvement with the China market are frequently aware of the benefits as well as the various challenges of sourcing from China. Azure can minimize your risks with experienced, localized international and domestic staff, and a network of trusted partners and suppliers with good reputations both in and outside of China. Azure Sourcing Solutions ensures that your supply chain will be efficiently controlled and managed, with significant cost and time savings.

Azure serves as the interface between your engineering team and that of your Chinese partner, either taking the lead in or supporting your technical discussions. Our engineers and project managers have acted as the on-the-ground engineering team of a number of cross border technology partnerships in the field of wind, energy storage and building energy efficiency.

Our analysts, engineers and economists work together to help you assess investment opportunities. We have provided third-party technical and commercial due diligence services for GWs of wind and solar projects, covering:

  • Wind resource assessment
  • Wind turbine inspections
  • Project permitting reviews
  • Developer capability appraisal
  • Site inspections
  • Performance benchmarking and analysis
  • Curtailment drivers and risk analysis
  • Grid curtailment forecasts
  • Comprehensive valuation and risk assessment packages

We pride ourselves in our reliable sourcing solutions. With us, you can be assured that your supply chain will be efficiently controlled and managed, with significant cost and time savings. We can help free up your management resources by being your partner on-the-ground, leading or supporting your procurement and supply chain efforts in China.

  • Contract Manufacturing
    • Locate, evaluate and qualify contract manufacturers (CM) and original design manufacturers (ODM) for manufacturing of products

    • Manage CM / ODM in ongoing projects, manage schedule and quality

  • Component Sourcing
    • RFP / RFI processes and suppliers that are qualified to provide components, products and services necessary within specified timeframe and budget

    • Sourcing plans for new products based on detailed products BOMs

    • Supervise raw materials, work in process (WIP) and finished goods, logistics as necessary to ensure quality and delivery targets

    • Troubleshoot quality issues at the manufacturer or component supplier as they arise

  • Procurement Optimization
    • Assess and optimize existing supply chain

    • Transfer component manufacturing to more qualified suppliers while minimizing disruption and costs to current production

  • Cost Management
    • Assess and identify lowest cost locations in Asia for part sourcing and / or contract manufacturing

    • Lead negotiation of cost driving components

    • Optimize direct and indirect procurement costs

    • Reduce overall component / Bill of Material (BOM) and / or logistics costs, including premium freight

Azure Sourcing Capabilities

Cost Savings

Cost savings typically in the range of 15-90%, depending on the technology


Databases with detailed supplier profiles customizable to various sourcing needs in specialized areas

Expert Consultants

Experienced with contracting, purchasing, and delivery of many product categories across various cleantech sectors


Specialized in sourcing of non-standard/custom parts in China

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