Zhejiang releases details of 2019 offshore wind project competitive bidding program


Zhejiang has just publicly released information about the participants of the 2019 offshore wind project competition program.

The program has a total capacity of 2,550MW, made up of 500MW in Ningbo, 1,150MW in Wenzhou, 600MW in Zhoushan and 300MW in Taizhou. Details on the criteria and scoring system for the approval of undetermined developer projects and for determining the rank order of determined developer projects’ starting construction time were provided, as illustrated below. (Zhejiang DRC)

AzureChinaCleantechNews23Sepetmer2019 01On the enterprise side, there are also corresponding requirements for corporate performance. Zhejiang’s corporate performance requirements are seen as relatively loose compared to other provinces—developers that don’t have any operating offshore projects but have approved projects are still eligible to receive a score.