Ningxia launches pilot projects aimed at renewing and increasing the capacity of old wind farms


Ningxia province’s Development and Reform Commission recently released guidelines concerning pilot projects aimed at renewing outdated wind farms an increasing their capacity.

The province aims to replace more than 2GW of wind capacity and add an extra 2GW to these existing projects by 2025. The plan suggests increasing the electricity production of the wind farms by replacing small wind turbines by >3MW wind turbines and raising their utilization hours to over 2,000 hours per year. It suggests increasing wind capacity not only by increasing the size of the turbines, but, when possible, to also increase the scale and area of the project that is being renewed. As many of China’s windfarms are reaching their expected lifespan, the question of how to deal with their renewal/disposal will become more and more relevant.

(Ningxia DRC)