NEA issues notice to promote renewable energy heating

NEA issues notice to promote renewable energy heating


(Image source: Huanbao world)

The NEA has recently issued a Notice on “Doing a Good Job in Renewable Energy Heating According to Local Conditions” which mainly puts forward some suggestions for local governments to promote renewable energy heating.

The notice requires that the development of renewable energy heating such as geothermal heating, biomass heating, solar heating, wind power heating, etc. according to local conditions also support the construction of a complementary heating system that combines renewable energy with other heating methods. Moreover, the document also mentions the development of heat storage technology.

In terms of wind power heating construction, the notice mentioned that the construction of a wind power heating cooperation mechanism involving the government, power grid companies, power generation companies, and users, will achieve clean wind power heating through the joint dispatch operation of heat storage boilers at thermal sites and wind farms.

In terms of strengthening R&D support for key technology and equipment, the notice clearly supports the R&D of key technologies and equipment for reliable operation of high-temperature heat pumps, biomass boilers, and solar seasonal heat storage heating.