Guangdong renewable energy capacity expected to reach 42GW by 2025

Guangdong renewable energy capacity expected to reach 42GW by 2025


Guangdong Province has finished drafting the Action Plan for the Cultivation of New Energy Industry Clusters in Guangdong Province (2021-2025) to upgrade and vitalize new energy industries.

The developing strategy covers nuclear, wind, solar, biomass, hydrogen, natural gas hydrates geothermal energy, ocean energy, energy storage and smart grid.

According to the action plan, about 13GW of offshore wind power will be put in operation by 2025. The projects comprise the sites of Yangjiang Nanpeng Island, Zhuhai Jinwan, Zhanjiang Xinliao, Shanwei Houhu, Huizhou Port and other nearshore areas with low water depth, as well as the three pilot projects in deep water areas led by Huadian in Yangjiang and Qingzhou to promote the deep water area development. Guangdong will strive for state’s approval for the construction of a 10GW offshore wind power base in deep water areas.

With regards to solar energy, a construction pipeline of 10GW grid parity solar projects will be steadily promoted. For hydrogen energy, Guangdong will promote hydrogen production from chemical products and electricity, and deploy properly an advanced layout of hydrogen stations and a network of hydrogen storage, refill, and transportation infrastructure. (drcgd)