A new, stricter "Maritime Traffic Safety Law" to impact the offshore wind sector


China’s “maritime traffic safety law”, which serves as the legal basis for China's maritime traffic safety management, has been recently updated.

The new version appears to be stricter than its predecessor:

  1. The financial penalties have sharply risen. The upper limit of fines for ship owners, operators or managers has been increased to 300,000 yuan (10 times the original amount), and new penalties for captains and responsible crew members have been added.
  2. The punishment methods are more severe. If the circumstances are serious, crews can be temporarily detained or even see their certificates of competency revoked; additionally, forged or altered certificates, documents, and ships with serious safety hazards can be confiscated.

The offshore wind industry relying heavily on specialized construction and maintenance vessels and crew, this stricter law will have a non negligible on the sector. The MSA has revised the maritime regulations that have great impact on the offshore wind project construction such as the Navigation Safety Administrative Regulations for Above Water and Under Water Work (水上水下活动通航安全管理规定). It will, on the long-run, increase safety levels in the offshore wind industry plagued by frequent accidents due to the recent development deadline.