Business & Partnership Development

With over a decade of experience in helping foreign clean energy companies enter the Chinese market, Azure has developed a proven and solid approach for securing partnerships in China. We value efficiency and transparency with our customized business development strategy, which includes surveying potential buyers, investors and strategic partners, partner profiling and shortlisting through proprietary selection matrix, securing funding from Asian investors, and business development to secure your best-fit partner. Our team has also led China specific contract drafting and negotiation for various projects, as well as conducted Asia sales on multiple occasions.

If you have a clean technology that is suitable for China, but have not yet scaled activities to a point that justifies a dedicated China office, Azure can be your on-the-ground partner during this growth phase.

Azure offers complete sets of services relating to partner vetting and JV / partnership structuring. We have developed a cost effective, efficient and proven approach to securing strategic partnerships in China, combining the right amount of strategic planning and business development. Over the years, we have created and adapted a meticulous screening process to find the one or two best-fit partners from an initial list of hundreds of potentials. We typically start by identifying the most attractive market segments for your products, and shortlist potential strategic partners or buyers within this segment, for example Chinese OEMs, large SOEs or strategic suppliers. While our network is strong enough to be able to reach out to top management of any large Chinese company, we also maintain long-term relationships with a few selected players from which we may pick if they suit your business. Together we work our way towards one or several deals, carrying you to the finish line with the signing of cooperation agreements. Our approach is solid and proven, but every product is different; we will need to work together on finding the optimum path for your China business.

How can your technology benefit China?

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