Over Ten Years of Proven Success

For the past fifteen years, Azure Advisory has helped domestic and international companies navigate the market, identify growth opportunities and achieve strategic goals in China. Our comprehensive databases, innovative analytical tools and on-the-ground experience provide our clients with results they can trust. Azure Advisory clients range from Global 500 companies to China’s largest state-owned enterprises.

Since 2003, Azure has been tracking every deal, project, product, company and policy in the China clean energy sector. We use our detailed in-house project and company databases in wind, solar, energy storage, and commercial and industrial energy efficiency to help you understand technology trends, compare regional drivers, and analyze market potentials through project- and competitor-based snapshots and forecasts.

The Azure Database: a unique and powerful tool

Pipeline data of 25,000+ projects

  • Wind: installed, imminent, order backlog and long term, broken down by location, date, size, status, developer, turbine OEM.

  • PV plants: installed, imminent and long term broken down by location, date, size, status, developer.

  • Coal, gas, hydro, biomass, nuclear, waste heat and energy storage: installed and planned by location and size.

Performance and cost data

  • Monthly wind performance data for 1/3 of installed countrywide fleet.

  • Monthly power generation data per type and province.

  • Detailed cost data for PV and wind equipment and projects.

Consumption data

  • Monthly consumption data by province and select cities

  • Retail electricity price data by province, city and customer type

T&D, Policy

  • Publicly released grid capacity upgrades and UHV plans.

  • Monthly cross-provincial power exchange.

  • Track and analysis of energy related national and local policies and news.

We use our extensive database combined with our in-house quantitative models to analyze and forecast typical China energy risks such as grid curtailment, forecast market growth, as well as identify and assess projects and companies in the clean energy space. We have a proven track record of producing sound financial models of cleantech projects and products for strategic planning, feasibility study and investment due diligence purposes.

The Azure strategy services include China corporate strategy, regional opportunity analysis, business plans and partner identification. Our aim is to assist you in developing a strategy which is customized to your needs and your business; using our tools, experience and information to help you successfully launch or grow your Chinese activities.

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