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Azure International is a leading investment and advisory company focused on China's cleantech energy sector. Founded in 2003, we have a team of 20+ local and international professionals based in China with backgrounds in engineering, marketing, manufacturing, consulting, policy, government relations and finance. In addition to deep advisory capabilities in renewable energy, energy efficiency, carbon management, and energy finance, we have proven capability to invest in and accelerate the development of clean energy companies.  Our portfolio and partner companies have achieved both significant commercial success and returns to investors. Azure provides the necessary expertise and execution capabilities in China to lead relationship development with government and strategic partners, project execution, sourcing, sales and technology development – all with deep understanding of Chinese and international requirements.

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    Week of March 18, 2019

    NEA releases 2018 wind power market evaluation results, Jilin adjusts “13th Five-Year Plan” energy development targets, Guangdong DRC terminates more Read More
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    Week of March 11, 2019

    Tianjin DRC releases 2019 onshore wind tariff competition results, Electricity price for commercial consumption to be reduced 10% in 2019, Read More
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    Week of March 04, 2019

    Shandong “12th Five-Year Plan” wind projects status, Hebei abolishes 12 wind projects totaling 631MW, SPIC and CGDC sign strategic cooperation Read More
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    Week of February 25, 2019

    NEA releases 2018 solar power market evaluation results, Henan Province stock wind projects reach over 4GW, NEA pushes for more Read More
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    Week of February 18, 2019

    NDRC encourages more foreign investment, Beijing Olympic Committee and State Grid sign contract for green power supply, Jiangsu to eliminate Read More
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    Week of February 04, 2019

    NEA publishes 2018 grid-connected wind power report, CEC releases national power market analysis and forecast report for 2018-2019, NDRC calls Read More
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    Week of January 28, 2019

    2018 newly installed grid connected wind power exceeds 20GW, Tianjin DRC publishes distributed wind plan (2018-2025), 7 billion CNY pumped Read More
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    Week of January 21, 2019

    CSIC receives government funding for floating wind demonstration, PetroChina to build 23 new natural gas storage facilities by 2030, Shaanxi Read More
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'The Value of Carbon in China – Carbon Finance and China’s Sustainable Energy Transition', a China-based perspective of the impact of CDM in China with in-depth analysis of various project types, provinces and market survey.


This report was written in the first part of 2008, when fuel prices increased substantially worldwide. These price increases and concerns over future energy security and climate change have pushed nations to initiate transitions to more sustainable energy sources, including the use of CDM. While the use of CDM in China has only recently been established, understanding its affects on China’s evolving sustainable energy market is important in how to best to further roll-out clean energy technologies moving forward.


This report’s object was to break down the entire pipeline and already registered CDM projects within China, looking at current market trends and giving key findings on the direction of the CDM market in China. China is host to the largest number of CDM projects for any country in the world. Therefore, understanding how CDM work (or doesn’t work) in China can help policy makers reform incentives to make CDM more flexible in its adaptation in the post-2012 timeframe.


This project resulted in a news conference held in Hong Kong in July 2008 that received substantial amounts of media coverage. Furthermore, this report has been cited by many publications since, including work being done on CDM reform by the IPCC and other influential policy makers. Reform of CDM, especially given its bias toward large-scale projects instead of small and medium sized projects, is seen as important for policymakers and international negotiators to address in the run-up to a post-2012 agreement. And this report has played and continues to play an important role in discussions on how to reform CDM for the future, especially given China’s development and energy growth models.


The Value of Carbon in China | Download


We provide independent advice helping you to understand the market, identify and assess growth opportunities and achieve strategic goals in China. We use our comprehensive databases, innovative analytical tools and on-the-ground expertise to answer your unique questions

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Azure Sourcing solutions ensures that your supply chain will be efficiently controlled and managed, with significant cost and time savings. Our Engineering team helps manage your relationships with Chinese strategic partners

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We assist our partners with market entry. We have developed a cost effective, efficient and proven approach to securing strategic partnerships in China, combining the right amount of strategic planning with targeted business development

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