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Azure International is a leading investment and advisory company focused on China's cleantech energy sector. Founded in 2003, we have a team of 20+ local and international professionals based in China with backgrounds in engineering, marketing, manufacturing, consulting, policy, government relations and finance. In addition to deep advisory capabilities in renewable energy, energy efficiency, carbon management, and energy finance, we have proven capability to invest in and accelerate the development of clean energy companies.  Our portfolio and partner companies have achieved both significant commercial success and returns to investors. Azure provides the necessary expertise and execution capabilities in China to lead relationship development with government and strategic partners, project execution, sourcing, sales and technology development – all with deep understanding of Chinese and international requirements.

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News Summary:

  • MoF approves CNY 81 billion budget for renewables subsidies
  • Zhangjiakou releases hydrogen energy construction plan (2019-2035)
  • Guangdong DRC releases 2019 wind and solar construction plan
  • CSIC Haizhuang Zhuanghe 300MW offshore wind farm II begins construction
  • Qinghai completes 360 hours of clean energy supply



MoF approves 81 billion CNY budget for renewables subsidies

The Ministry of Finance (MoF) has announced the 2019 budget for the renewable energy subsidy fund, in which it was determined that subsidies will go out to wind, solar, biomass and public renewables systems. The financial authority also stressed to prioritize projects that more directly involve improving people's livelihoods, such as photovoltaic (PV) poverty alleviation projects and distributed solar PV projects, as well as independent public renewable energy power systems. (MoF)

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Subsidy distribution by province

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Zhangjiakou releases hydrogen energy construction plan (2019-2035)

A meeting was held amongst several city officials, deputy representatives and scientists detailing plans to transform Zhangjiakou into an internationally renowned hydrogen energy capital by 2035. The plan specifies that the city’s cumulative output of hydrogen energy and related industries will reach 170 billion CNY, and annual hydrogen production capacity will reach 50,000 tons. As part of the plan, more than 100 enterprises will be introduced into the city’s hydrogen energy industrial park.

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Zhangjiakou was specifically chosen to build the industrial park due to its advance in renewable energy development. Data shows that the city has potential for more than 40GW wind energy, 30GW PV and 2 million tons annual biomass production. In fact, at present the total installed capacity of wind and solar energy in Zhangjiakou is 13.5W (of which 12.8GW are on-grid), which accounts for 74.2% of all power installed capacity in the city. (zjkgdcs)


Guangdong DRC releases 2019 wind and solar construction plan

The Guangdong DRC has released a 2019 wind and solar power generation construction notice containing the following points

  • There will be no new construction scale for centralized onshore wind
  • There will be active promotion for the construction of distributed onshore wind projects
  • Offshore wind projects approved before the end of 2017 should aim to operate before the end of 2020
  • Offshore wind projects approved before the end of 2018 should aim to operate before the end of 2021
  • Solar power generation projects will be required to participate in competitive bidding

(Guangdong DRC)

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CSIC Haizhuang Zhuanghe 300MW offshore wind farm II begins construction

The Zhuanghe II offshore wind farm, located about 11km east of Shicheng Island in the Zhuanghe Sea Area of Dalian City, Liaoning Province, has an area of 59.4km2 and a sea area of nearly 48km2. The current installed capacity of the wind farm is 300MW, though it has plans to further install 60 H171—5.0MW wind turbines. The total investment for the project is approximately 5.1 billion CNY, while it is expected to generate 660 million CNY in revenue once completed, at which point annual power generation will be about 773.07 million kWh representing 2580 full load hours. (DLZH GOV)

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Zhuanghe City has built clean energy production and equipment manufacturing into a new leading industry with an investment of over 10 billion CNY. At present, the National Electric Power Investment Yongji Reservoir 100MW PV power generation project has been completed and put into operation, part of the Three Gorges New Energy 300MW offshore wind power project is connected to the grid, and nearly 600 of Zhuanghe City's total 6MW roof-connected distributed PV power generation project development and construction clean energy generation capacity have accumulated to 182 MW.



Qinghai completes 360 hours of clean energy supply

China’s Northwestern province Qinghai has completed 360 hours of continuous clean energy supply from 0:00 on June 9 to 24:00 on June 23.During what is referred to as “15 Days of Green Power,” Qinghai Power Grid reported a maximum power consumption of 8.47GW while the province's electricity consumption totaled 2.839TWh. In this 15-day period, cumulative power generation reached 3.978TWh, of which hydro accounted for 2.93TWh, PV accounted for 643GWh, wind accounted for 341GWh and thermal accounted for 71GWh. (Qinghai GOV)

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