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Azure International is a leading investment and advisory company focused on China's cleantech energy sector. Founded in 2003, we have a team of 20+ local and international professionals based in China with backgrounds in engineering, marketing, manufacturing, consulting, policy, government relations and finance. In addition to deep advisory capabilities in renewable energy, energy efficiency, carbon management, and energy finance, we have proven capability to invest in and accelerate the development of clean energy companies.  Our portfolio and partner companies have achieved both significant commercial success and returns to investors. Azure provides the necessary expertise and execution capabilities in China to lead relationship development with government and strategic partners, project execution, sourcing, sales and technology development – all with deep understanding of Chinese and international requirements.

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News Summary:

  • Liaoning: 1.5 GW offshore wind
  • EDP rejects €9.1 billion offer from Three Gorges Group
  • 300 MW offshore wind in Guangdong
  • 30 MW energy storage system

Dalian City announced 1.5 GW offshore wind farm project

Dalian City (Liaoning province) has recently approved 200 MW of onshore wind, 600 MW of offshore wind and 40 MW of photovoltaic power generation projects. Dalian Development and Reform Commission has also announced a plan to develop 1.5 GW of offshore wind power in Zhuanghe sea area. (BJX)
As the most Northern of the ten Chinese coastal provinces, Liaoning also has significant offshore wind ambitious, and its own technical challenges, such as low temperatures and ice conditions. Dalian city was home to Sinovel, once a leading Chinese wind turbine manufacturer. It is yet unknown whether the local  manufacturer will get a chance to participate in said project.
EDP rejects €9.1 billion offer from Three Gorges Group

On May 14th, Portugal’s largest power company EDP (Energias de Portugal) rejected Three Gorges’ 9.1 billion € acquisition offer. Three Gorges Group became EDP’s shareholder in 2011, acquiring 21,35% of the company for 2.69 billion €. Currently, Three Gorges is the largest of EDP’s shareholder and just made an offer to requiring all remaining shares. According to Bloomberg, although the Portuguese government was satisfied by Three Gorges Group's offer, it has not received the support of EDP shareholders. (CHINAWINDNEWS)

300 MW offshore wind in Guangdong

Guangdong has announced yet another offshore wind farm, featuring 555.5 MW wind turbines totaling 300MW, for an investment of 5.70 billion RMB. Construction is expected to start at the beginning of 2019 and the plant will come in operation by 2020. (IN-EN)
At 19,000 RMB/kW, the project CAPEX ranks among the highest compared to other recent projects in the country. (CHINAWINDNEWS)

30MW auxiliary energy storage project

In May 2018, Shenzhen Kelu Electronic Technology Co. and China Resources Power (Haifeng) Co. signed an agreement to deploy a 30 MW / 14.93 MWh auxiliary frequency regulation energy storage system at a 2 GW coal power plant in Guangdong province. (BJX)




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