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News Summary:

  • Yunnan-Guangdong UHV nearing completion
  • Wind energy projects approved in March 2017
  • China Resources Power has reduced coal consumption
  • 2018, Market Supervision of the National Energy Administration
  • The introduction of new Renewable Energy Quotas
  • 300kW tidal power project has been developed


± 800 kV UHV line nearing completion in Yunnan-Guangdong

The Yunnan-Guangdong connection is now 98% complete and is expected to be operative by mid-year. It will have a power transmission capacity of 5 GW and plan to deliver 20 TWh of electricity annually, equivalent to 1/4 of the annual electricity consumption in Shenzhen. (CHINA ELECTRICITY COUNCIL)
This 3143 km infrastructure project built to carry excess hydro power in Yunnan to coastal load centers. Through this project, the Zhusanjiao region will be able to reduce its coal consumption by 6 million tons, carbon dioxide emissions by 16 million tons, and sulfur dioxide emissions by 123,000 tons per year.

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Source: Azure International

In March 2018, 500 MW of wind power projects have been approved.

Different provinces are currently investing in the construction of new offshore wind power. 124 decentralized wind projects with a total size of 2.11 GW have been announced in Henan Province, 105 projects with a total installed capacity of 0.98 GW in Shanxi province and Hebei province declared the plan to develop 4.3 GW of decentralized access wind power from 2018 to 2020. 4 wind power projects have been already approved, totaling 500MW, with an investment of 7.428 billion RMB On the other hand, on February 27, 2017, the National Energy Administration issued the “Circular on the Monitoring and Early Warning Results of 2017 Wind Farm Investment Monitoring”; Heilongjiang Province shall develop and construct a red warning zone for wind power, and suspend new network procedures. (FD.BJX)
Almost 7.4 GW of wind energies are expected to be installed in the center of China in the next future. The new investments have been strongly influenced to the decision of the government to institute a red warning zone in the northern provinces, where a low curtailment has been registered in 2017.
In 2017, China Resources Power has reduced coal consumption.

In 2017, China Resources Power has installed 1.01GW of wind power capacity, achieving a total installed capacity equal to 5.63GW, with an additional 2.14GW under construction. As of the end of 2017, China Resources Power’s installed capacity for power generation was 36.8 GW, including 17.4% for renewables, achieving a year-on-year increase of 3.3%. China Resources Power intends to install about 1.5 GW of wind power projects each year for the next three years.(SHOUDIAN.BJX)
In 2017, the average price of coal-fired power plants has increased up to RMB 700.85 per ton, registering an increase of over 37% over the previous year. For economic and environmental reasons, China Resources Power has decreased its 2017 average coal consumption by 1.84 g/kWh compared to the same period the previous year. In 2017, China Resources Power’s registered a net profit for the year equal to HK$4,623 million, representing a year-on-year decrease of approximately 40%.
2018, Market Supervision of the National Energy Administration

The General Affairs Department of the National Energy Administration issued the “National Energy Administration's market supervision work in 2018”.The goal is to promote the optimal allocation of resources and inter-provincial transactions in order to standardize the power trading market.  The administrations will cooperate to carry out an orderly review of the transmission prices of the newly commissioned trans-regional projects. The new supervision will also evaluate the local situation of photovoltaic power generation, highlight key issues and projects and introduce specific pricing policies or subsidies to promote PV. (NATIONAL ENERGY ADMINISTRATION)
The new market supervision aims at effectively strengthening the organization and leadership of market supervision work and improve the overall coordination, both horizontal coordination and linkages from top to bottom.
The National Energy Administration General Division seeks "renewable energy quotas”

The notice “Renewable Energy Power Quota and Assessment Methods”informs about the minimum amount of renewable energy consumption stated for each province. Renewable energy power quotas are referred to the national renewable energy development goals and energy development plan. For those provinces that are not able to respect the requirement, a “Green-certificate”, to be purchased from other provinces, has been introduced. The government will suspend or reduce the Fossil Energy Power Construction Scale in all those provinces that will not reach the target. (NATIONAL ENERGY ADMINISTRATION)
Renewable energy power quota allows the local governments to promote renewable power consumption. The notice, moreover, introduces the “useful-value” of the “Green-Certificate”, supporting developers in getting subsidies faster.


The world's first 300kW tidal power with a 270° pitch technology has been developed

On March 31st, a 300kW marine tidal current generator independently developed by Guodian United Power Technology Co., has been successfully launched into the sea. This is the world's first application of 270° pitch technology, able to efficiently capture two-way currents. The developing team has been able to overcome the technological bottlenecks related to stability control; the project has obtained 22 authorized patents, including 7 invention patents. (CHINA WIND NEWS)
The innovations able to capture forward and reverse currents, guaranteeing a high power generation efficiency. According to release, it represents a considerable breakthrough from Europe and the United States, where only 180° pitch technology is used and energy capture efficiency is low. This unit is also said to be the world's first tidal current generator unit that uses underwater video technology to monitor the safety of the unit. 


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