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News Summary:

  • Fujian province publishes development plan outline under 13th Five Year Plan
  • China's SPIC, Mingyang Electric to develop offshore wind power in Guangdong province
  • ReneSola plans 550 MW of global solar installations in 2017
  • Shanxi province publishes January wind power statistics

Wind: Fujian Province Publishes Development Plan Outline of the Provincial 13th Five Year Plan
Fujian province recently published the provincial development plan as part of its 13th 5YP. Included in the plan is the provincial government's intention to promote both onshore and offshore wind development. While the provincial target does not set out a concrete installation number for 2020, instead calling for a “doubling of 2015's installed capacity of 1.72 GW” by 2020. (Fujian DRC)

Fujian Province Large Scale Power Projects Distribution Map


Source: Fujian DRC

Offshore wind currently occupies only a small percentage of China's total wind generation capacity, however we expect it to grow steadily over the coming years. China has currently set out a national 5 GW target for offshore wind development, with Fujian slated to be the centerpiece of this development. The Fujian Putian Nanri offshore wind project's total installed capacity of 400 MW is currently the largest offshore wind project in China. 

Under the national target, Fujian province plans to reach 3 GW by 2020, or 60% of total offshore wind. However the provincial development target is more vague, simply calling for a “doubling of 2015 installed capacity”. While doubling 2015's 1.72 GW would certainly surpass the national target of 3 GW, the noncommittal language used for the provincial target is reflective of the difficulties China has faced in developing offshore wind, with it's attendant technological challenges, greater investment needed and longer build-out period.

Wind: China's SPIC, Mingyang Electric to Jointly Develop Offshore Wind in Guangdong
China’s State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC) and Mingyang Electric Group have signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the intention to develop offshore wind power in Guangdong province. The two corporations plan on cooperating on the development and construction of offshore wind farms, as well as on the development of offshore wind power technology. Electronics maker Mingyang Electric will provide equipment and services under this partnership. (SEE

While no specific projects are mentioned in the announcement, this partnership represents the continued importance of offshore wind in China. Currently Guangdong's offshore wind target is 300 MW by 2020, which accounts for 6% of the national total.

Solar: ReneSola Plans 550 MW of Global Solar Installations in 2017
Chinese solar company ReneSola plans to build more than 550 MW of solar parks this year, including 393 MW of distributed generation in China. Additionally, Renesolar plans on building 108 MW of solar in the US. (SEE)

The specific ReneSola projects are located in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui, Jiangxi, Shandong, Hubei, Henan, Hebei, Shanxi, Fujian and Guangdong Provinces. In the US, ReneSola will build plants in California, North Carolina and Minnesota, and is already working on projects totaling 6.8 MW.

Wind: Shanxi Province Publishes January Wind Power Statistics
By the end of January, Shanxi province wind power installed capacity reached 7.9 GW, which is 10% of the province's total capacity. Shanxi's thermal installed capacity reached 63 GW, with total power generation from thermal sources at 19 TWh;  Wind installed capacity 7.9 GW, generating 1.3 TWh;  Hydro capacity was 2.4 GW, generating 0.3 TWh; while total PV capacity was 3 GW, generating 0.3 TWh. (BJX CN)


Source: BJX

According to the statistics, average utilization hours for PV in Shanxi totaled 104 hrs, which made for an increase from last year by 5 hrs. Thermal hours totaled 307 hrs, a decrease of 32hrs, while wind had only 162 hrs, a large decrease of 46 hrs. While January data is normally gloomy for wind power producers, as the CHP plants increase curtailment for wind, however the average utilization hours for wind when compared to January 2016 is even more gloomy, as the average utilization hours fell 46 hours.


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