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News Summary:

  • Anhui's Industrial Green Development Plan calls for the acceleration of distributed solar
  • Fujian government publishes list of key construction projects for 2017
  • Jinko Solar and Japan's Marubeni sign 1.18 GW power purchase agreement in Abu Dhabi
  • Weinan City, Shaanxi publishes New Energy and New Materials Development Plan (2016-2020)

Solar: Anhui's Industrial Green Development Plan Emphasizes Distributed Solar
Anhui's Economic Information Council recently released the Industrial Green Development Plan as part of the province's 13th Five Year Plan. The document calls for the acceleration of constructing distributed energy sources in industrial parks, with particular emphasis on solar rooftops and solar heaters. Distributed solar, along with smart grid technology, is encouraged for integration into industrial parks, particularly iron and steel factories, as part of Anhui's promotion of industrial energy efficiency. (BJX CN)


Source: Azure International

While not specified in the most recent Solar Power Development Plan, under the national Electricity Development Plan, the Solar Power target for 2020 contains a 60 GW sub-target for distributed solar. Anhui province currently has 3.45 GW of installed solar capacity, however, only 780 MW of this is distributed solar. Nevertheless, this installed capacity figure still makes Anhui the fifth largest province for distributed solar in China. The top four are Zhejiang (2,070 MW), Jiangsu (1,730 MW), Shandong (1,190 MW), and Guangdong (880 MW). 

Developing distributed solar has been more difficult than utility-scale projects primarily due to the high self-consumption threshold requirement set out by the NEA. The requirement mandates that at least 80% of the self-generated power will be consumed on-site with no more than 20% of the power sold back to the grid, and largely limits the applications of distributed solar to energy intensive industrial parks. Therefore, successfully integrating distributed solar with heavy industry will be key if China's ambitious 60 GW sub-target is to be met by 2020. 

Wind: Fujian Government Publishes List of Key Construction Projects for 2017
The Fujian government recently published its list of key power projects under construction in 2017. The total list covers 1,487 projects collectively valued at over 3.5 trillion RMB. The list includes 41 are wind power projects with 10 offshore wind projects. (BJX CN)

Offshore wind currently occupies only a small percentage of China's total wind generation capacity, however we expect it to grow steadily over the coming years. China has currently set out a 5 GW target for offshore wind development, with Fujian province set to build 3 GW, or 60% of total offshore wind, by 2020.

Solar: Jinko Solar and Japan's Marubeni sign 1.18 GW power purchase agreement in Abu Dhabi
A consortium formed between China's Jinko Solar and Japan's Marubeni signed a 1.18 GW power purchase agreement with Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Co (ADWEC) for the Sweihan solar project in Abu Dhabi. A special purpose company, which will be 60% owned by ADWEC and 20% each by Marubeni and Jinko Solar, will build, operate and maintain the facility for the 25-year duration of the contract. Commercial operation of the project is expected to commence in 2019. (SEE)

Sunny Sunny Sweihan, Abu Dhabi


Source: SEE

At the precise capacity of 1,177 MW, this project is on track to be the world's largest single utility-scale solar PV plant. Furthermore, the cost of electricity generated from the project is set at $23/MWh, which would make it the world's lowest, surpassing the previous record low of $29/MWh at the Granja Solar project in Chile's Atacama desert.

Wind and Solar: New Energy and New Materials Development Plan (2016-2020) Published by Weinan City DRC
Weinan City recently published its New Energy and New Materials Development Plan covering the period from 2016 to 2020. Included in the report is that by the end of 2015, Weinan had a total solar installed capacity of 210 MW, wind installed capacity of 29 MW, and no biomass installed. In its 2020 target, Weinan plans to reach a total installation of 2,710 MW for solar, 1,059 MW for wind, and 150 MW for biomass. (Weinan DRC)


Source: Weinan DRC

Weinan City is classified as a level-1 low-speed wind area, defined as annual average wind speeds of 5 to 6 m/s measured at a height of 80m. However, as it is only a short distance from provincial load centers, the Weinan government is interested in promoting low-speed wind turbine development. From the perspective of transmission and consumption, Weinan City, with its higher population density (406 people/square km), is attractive for wind developers in Shaanxi looking to diversify away from the sparsely populated Yulin City (78 people/square km), which is currently home to 1.3 GW, or 77%, of Shaanxi's wind capacity.


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