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News Summary:

  • NEA publishes Biomass 13th Five Year Plan (十三五)
  • Guangdong DRC Publishes Guangdong Onshore Wind Development Plan (2016-2030)
  • Goldwind and Apple Announce Joint-Venture

Plan: Biomass Development Plan of the 13th Five Year Plan “十三五”  Published by NEA
The NEA recently published the Wind Power Development Plan, part of China's national 13th Five Year Plan. According to the document, by the end of 2015, total installed wind capacity was 10.3 GW, and total power generation from wind 52 TWh, approximately 0.92% of national power generation. By 2020, installed wind capacity will reach 15 GW, with total power generation nearly doubling to 90 TWh, 1.3% of national power generation. (NEA CN

Biomass pipeline covering the period of the 13th Five Year Plan

Source: Azure International

During the 13th Five Year Plan,  total investment in the Biomass industry will reach 196 billion RMB. Of this 196 billion RMB, 40 billion RMB will go towards power generation, 120 billion RMB for biogas, 18 billion RMB for biomass briquette industries, and 18 billion RMB for investment into liquid biofuels.

Plan: Guangdong DRC Publishes Guangdong Onshore Wind Development Plan (2016-2030)
The Guangdong DRC recently published the Guangdong Onshore Wind Development Plan for the period covering 2016-2030.By year end 2015, Guangdong province totaled 61 onshore wind plants, giving the province a total on-grid capacity of 2.46 GW. Currently there are 50 onshore wind plants  under construction, with a total capacity of 2.84 GW. The plan also specifies wind targets for 2020 and 2030, with onshore wind expected to reach 6 GW by 2020 and 10 GW by 2030. 

Planned Onshore Wind Power Projects in Guangdong

Source: Azure International, Guangdong DRC

Following this pipeline information Guangdong province is planning on building 147 onshore wind plants with a total capacity 8.7GW. This pipeline also includes 50 onshore wind projects that were approved before the end of 2015, with a total capacity of 2.9GW. While northern provinces continue to battle high curtailment levels, new capacity additions are gradually shifting south, with southern provinces targeted to receive 64 GW, which occupies 64% of new capacity additions during the Thirteenth 5YP.

Joint Venture: Apple to Participate in JV with Goldwind of Xinjiang
Xinjiang-based wind turbine maker Goldwind Science & Technology struck a joint venture with US technology company Apple to supply Apple's China-based production facilities with clean energy. As part of this partnership, Goldwind will sell 30% stakes in four of its subsidiary companies: Nanyang Runtang New Energy Co Ltd in Henan Province; Zibo Runchuan New Energy Co Ltd in Shandong Province; Shuozhou Pinglu Sineng Wind Power Co Ltd in Shanxi Province; and Qiaojia Tianqiao Wind Power Co Ltd in Yunnan Province. The filing mentioned the fact that they will be run as cooperative joint ventures that will not be consolidated on Goldwind's financial statements but will remain subsidiaries of Goldwind. The two also plan on exploring developing further cooperation opportunities the future with regards to the direct supply and purchase of green energy for Apple's manufacturers. (SEE)

Goldwind wind turbine at Dabancheng wind farm

Source: SCMP

Apple currently supplies its manufacturing plants with 93% clean power, which it aims to increase to 100%. In October last year, the company announced it planned to build 200 MW of solar capacity in China and to partner with its local suppliers for 2 GW of clean energy in the coming years.


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