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News Summary: 

  • Shandong, renewables account for 20% of new installed capacity
  • 6.4 TWh nuclear power transmission in Fujian province
  • 1.52 GW offshore wind in Zhejiang Province
  • The world’s largest water, wind and solar multi-energy complementary project
  • Beijing is increasing inter-regional power tradings

Shandong, renewables account for 20% of new installed capacity

Shandong is speeding up the establishment of a clean energy supply system. On April 26th, State Grid Shandong Electric Power Co. announced that the province's renewable energy installed capacity has reached 26.04 GW, accounting for 20.7% of total installed capacity and, by the end of 2020, it is expected to reach 31 GW. Moreover, Shandong has recently actively promoted the construction of UHV transmission channels that,up to now, have guaranteed an incoming 400 GWhof energy,allowing to save the equivalent of 180 million tons of coal consumption. By 2019, the 1000 kV Shandong-Hebei UHV project will be completed and put into operation, andby 2020, Shandong’s grids expected to be more than 30 GW incoming power. (CEC)

Shandong is actively incentivizing clean-energy and cross-regional market transactions. Renewables capacity is expected to increase by 16% in less than 2 years. The province is currently promoting non-coal energy sources.The premium localization between Beijing and Shanghai offers huge potentialities for energy tradings. The development of UHV transmissions channels will generate high opportunities also for the neighboring provinces.


6.4 TWh nuclear power transmissions in Fujian province

During the first quarter of this year, Fujian province consumed 10.8 TWh of energy. Nuclear power delivered 6.4 TWh, two times the production registered during the same period of 2017. The total installed power capacity reached a 55.97 GW value, with clean energy accounting for 54.5%, and nuclear energy accounting for 8.71 GW, 15.6% of total, ranking second in the country. Moreover, the 1000-kV UHV T&D project between northern Zhejiang and Fuzhou has been put into operation, increasing power grids exchange capacity from 1.7 GW to 4.5 GW. (BJX)

Renewable energy is currently accounting for more than half of installed power capacity in Fujian. During the first quarter of 2018, nuclear power satisfied almost 60% of transactions in the province. Renewables are expected to represent a solution to support the continuous growth of demand in the area.Distribution networks development will support new power stations construction, offering the possibility to rely on other provinces demands and increasing power plants utilization hours.

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News Summary:

  • Completion of the Fujian Xinhua Bay offshore wind demonstration project
  • China's first provincial offshore wind data centre
  • 38.5 TWh direct power trading in Liaoning province
  • 2.5 % Electricity price drop in Hubei province

Completion of the Fujian Xinhua Bay offshore wind demonstration project

The Xinghua Bay offshore test wind farm has been inaugurated in Fujian Province. The project has been completer with a total investment of 1.47 billion RMB and is composed of 14 wind turbines, produced by 7 manufactures, with a total 80 MW installed capacity. During the first 4 months of operation, the plant has performed with an average availability of 99.3%, 417 average monthly utilization hours and a cumulative power generation equal to 17.7 GWh. (IN-EN)
Results of the Three Gorges demonstration projects are well awaited by the whole industry as it features a few new turbines, all above 5MW and with a mix of well known domestic players (Goldwind, Mingyang, XEMC, CSIC), international players (GE and Siemens) as well as relatively new players (Taiyuan Heavy Industry). The CAPEX of 18,375 RMB per kW is high compared to other offshore wind farms but very reasonable for a demonstration project which is more complex and costly in nature.

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News Summary:

  • NEA promotes distributed wind
  • 7 MW wind turbines in Putian
  • Three wind projects will expire in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
  • NDRC price reduction measures
  • 2018 Energy consumption analysis
  • Shandong Province 110 key projects

The National Energy Administration promotes social capital investment in wind distribution
National Energy Administration issued the “Interim Management Measures for the Development and Construction of Distributed Wind Power Projects”, valid for the next 5 years. In order to be elligile as "distributed", a wind project must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Connect to grid at 110 kV or less;
  2. Distributed wind power plants with access voltages of 35 kV and below shall fully utilize existing substations and grid facilities;
  3. Distributed wind power plants with a voltage level of 110 kV (66 kV in the northeast region) can only have one grid connection point and a total capacity within 50 MW.

All wind power projects that satisfy the requirements will have priority in securing subsidy payments. (NEA)
Currently, centralized (non-distributed) wind projects have to wait in line to be included on the NEA subsidy list, sometimes for many years. The new policy which simplifies the development process and offers bettter guarantees to project owners was greatly awaited by the whole industry, with hopes that it will help boost the installations in coming years, which was greatly expected by small developpers as well.   
The first 7 MW wind turbines will be installed in Putian

On March 26, China Railway Fuchuan Co. won the bid for the installation of 10 sets of 7 MW wind turbines in the “Fujian Pingtan Offshore Wind Farm in Putian”, with a contract of 34 million RMB. (chinanews)
The 7MW machines to be supplied by ShangHai Electric under a license with Siemens are the largest wind turbines in China so far.


Source: Fujian Fuchuan Investment Co

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News Summary:

  • 7 GB UHV Wind Power Transmission Base will be built in the Xilin Gol League
  • Analysis of UHV energy transmission efficiency
  • Mingyang wins 300MW offshore wind order in Guangdong
  • 303.4 million RMB wind power production equipment purchasing
  • Apple supports renewable energy in China
  • UHV construction to support Smart Cities

7 GB UHV Wind Power Transmission Base will be built in the Xilin Gol League

On March 19, 2018, Xilin Gol DRC announced the construction of a new UHV Wind Power Transmission Base in the Xilin Gol League. The project is aimed at supporting export of power produced in the Xilin Gol League power base which will including 7 GW of wind power. (Xilin Gol League DRC)
The line will connect via lower voltage lines to wind farms in 8 cities, guaranteeing grid offtake and tackling the high wind curtailment problem in North China. This will in turn enable new growth for Xinlin Gol league in which new large wind farms are planned.

Source: North China Electric Power University, Beijing 102206, China

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News Summary:

  • Yunnan-Guangdong UHV nearing completion
  • Wind energy projects approved in March 2017
  • China Resources Power has reduced coal consumption
  • 2018, Market Supervision of the National Energy Administration
  • The introduction of new Renewable Energy Quotas
  • 300kW tidal power project has been developed


± 800 kV UHV line nearing completion in Yunnan-Guangdong

The Yunnan-Guangdong connection is now 98% complete and is expected to be operative by mid-year. It will have a power transmission capacity of 5 GW and plan to deliver 20 TWh of electricity annually, equivalent to 1/4 of the annual electricity consumption in Shenzhen. (CHINA ELECTRICITY COUNCIL)
This 3143 km infrastructure project built to carry excess hydro power in Yunnan to coastal load centers. Through this project, the Zhusanjiao region will be able to reduce its coal consumption by 6 million tons, carbon dioxide emissions by 16 million tons, and sulfur dioxide emissions by 123,000 tons per year.

AzureChinaCleantechNewsApril9 2018 sourceAzureInternational

Source: Azure International

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News Summary:

  • Significant offshore wind investments in Guangdong Province
  • 50GW 2030 renewable energy target in Zhangjiakou City
  • New marine area usage fees for offshore wind farm developers
  • 1 GW offshore wind power project agreement in Tianjin

Wind: Guangdong Province announces the investment of 16 offshore wind farms

The Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission has issued the "Guangdong Province Major Construction Project Plan for 2018" officially announcing 1,098 key projects, with a total investment of 5.67 trillion yuan including 600 billion yuan to be invested during 2018. The overall plan includes 16 offshore wind power projects with the first 99MW project already in operation. (GDDRC.GOV.CN)
The plan includes 6 offshore wind farms currently under construction with capacity of 1,618MW and 10 new offshore wind farms with capacity of 3,650MW (see detailed breakdown of project owners from our database below). The total capacity of 5.27 GW is lower but more realistic than the 10 GW of offshore wind which was earlier announced as part of the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan"(2016-2020) for the Development of Marine Economy in Guangdong Province by 2020. However we advise wind investors to correlate these provincial level plans with national level NEA targets over the same period in order to assess any potential grid connection and FIT risk.

Source: Azure International

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