• China Cleantech Update March 17, 2016

    News Summary:

    • NDRC sends reform number 413 on power reform and direct power trading
    • NDRC requires +/- 660kV Yindong DC line to send at least 30% renewables power
    • Transmission and distribution pilot projects expanded to 18 provincial power grids

    Policy: NDRC Sends Notification of Electric Power Operation Adjustment Work
    2016 is the first year of the 13th Five-Year plan and the NDRC sent out reform number 413 to begin new reforms in line with the new plan. Major interest areas include: actively promote direct power trading, increase pilot projects, energy conservation, and low carbon power dispatching. The low-carbon energy power dispatch program includes all carbon reduction technologies, such as ultra-low emission coal, energy power scheduling, and wastewater reuse. (SDPC CN)
    Direct power trading is a key topic that is of great interest, as it pushes the marketization of electricity trading in China. Participating generators may be able to maximize their utilization hours, and local industries have the opportunity to create better deals for their energy consumption.

  • China Cleantech Update April 23, 2018

    News Summary:

    • NEA promotes distributed wind
    • 7 MW wind turbines in Putian
    • Three wind projects will expire in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
    • NDRC price reduction measures
    • 2018 Energy consumption analysis
    • Shandong Province 110 key projects

    The National Energy Administration promotes social capital investment in wind distribution
    National Energy Administration issued the “Interim Management Measures for the Development and Construction of Distributed Wind Power Projects”, valid for the next 5 years. In order to be elligile as "distributed", a wind project must satisfy the following requirements:

    1. Connect to grid at 110 kV or less;
    2. Distributed wind power plants with access voltages of 35 kV and below shall fully utilize existing substations and grid facilities;
    3. Distributed wind power plants with a voltage level of 110 kV (66 kV in the northeast region) can only have one grid connection point and a total capacity within 50 MW.

    All wind power projects that satisfy the requirements will have priority in securing subsidy payments. (NEA)
    Currently, centralized (non-distributed) wind projects have to wait in line to be included on the NEA subsidy list, sometimes for many years. The new policy which simplifies the development process and offers bettter guarantees to project owners was greatly awaited by the whole industry, with hopes that it will help boost the installations in coming years, which was greatly expected by small developpers as well.   
    The first 7 MW wind turbines will be installed in Putian

    On March 26, China Railway Fuchuan Co. won the bid for the installation of 10 sets of 7 MW wind turbines in the “Fujian Pingtan Offshore Wind Farm in Putian”, with a contract of 34 million RMB. (chinanews)
    The 7MW machines to be supplied by ShangHai Electric under a license with Siemens are the largest wind turbines in China so far.


    Source: Fujian Fuchuan Investment Co

  • Week of April 22, 2019

    News Summary:

    • NEA requires cities to promote winter wind power heating
    • NEA releases second batch of “13th Five-Year Plan” PV poverty alleviation projects
    • Shandong shuts down four coalmines of 1.25 million ton annual capacity
    • Hebei promotes application of 35,500 new energy vehicles in 2019
    • CGN and Huaneng Group sign strategic cooperation agreement



    NEA requires cities to promote winter wind power heating

    Following the winter clean heating plan for China’s northern regions (2017-2021) (NDRC), the National Energy Administration (NEA) requires that northern cities complete wind power heating development planning before June 2019. Meanwhile, it will implement corresponding investment subsidy policies for wind power clean heating projects. (NEA)

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    This solution is being implemented gradually with several objectives: 1. provide an alternative revenue steam for wind farms suffering from heavy curtailment and 2. electrify heat supply in order to reduce the need for CHP plants which are among the key contributors to pollution in urban areas.



    NEA releases second batch of “13th Five-Year Plan” PV poverty alleviation projects

    The second batch of photovoltaic (PV) poverty alleviation projects of the “13th Five-Year Plan” will be carried out in 15 provinces (districts) and include 165 county PV poverty alleviation projects that comprise of 3,961 village-level PV power stations with a total installed capacity of 1.67GW. The target is to assist 301,773 households in poverty-stricken villages, and all projects should be operating before the end of 2019. (NEA)

    Second batch of “13th Five-Year Plan” PV poverty alleviation projects distribution

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    Shandong shuts down four coalmines of 1.62 million ton annual capacity

    Regarding the decision-making and deployment of structural reforms on the power supply side, the Energy Administration of Shandong Province is working towards resolving and preventing overcapacity of coal-fired power generation by shutting down four coalmines that have constituted a capacity of 1.62 million tons in 2019. (SDNYJ)

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    To put this in perspective, 1.62 million tons of coal allows to produce about 5,500 GWh of thermal power in a year. Closing down these mines thus creates space for roughly 2,800MW of new wind farms on the Shandong grid, where wind produces at an average of 1,971 utilization hours.



    Hebei promotes the application of 35,500 new energy vehicles in 2019

    The lead department for the Development and Promotion of New Energy Vehicles in Hebei Province has proposed to promote the application of 35,500 new energy vehicles in 2019 and increase the proportion of new energy vehicles used in the public service sector, such as logistics vehicles, school coaches, postal service vehicles, street cleaning vehicles, etc. The department will also support the pilot results of the promotion and application of new energy vehicles in Baoding City and promote the full roll out of new energy vehicles in the main vicinity of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games (in the Zhangjiakou City administrative zone). (Hebei GOV)

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    CGN and Huaneng Group sign strategic cooperation agreement

    China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) and Huaneng Group have signed a strategic cooperation agreement stating that the two sides will carry out specific cooperation in the fields of nuclear power, information technology development, nuclear fuel, finance and nuclear technology. (CGN)

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