• Week of January 28, 2019

    News Summary:

    • 2018 newly installed grid connected wind power exceeds 20GW
    • Tianjin DRC publishes distributed wind plan (2018-2025)
    • 7 billion CNY pumped hydro station begins construction in Zhejiang
    • China’s farthest offshore wind turbine successfully installed
    • Qinghai’s clean energy supply exceeds 10TWh



    2018 newly installed gridconnectedwind powerexceeds 20GW

    By the end of 2018, China’stotal installed gridconnectedwind powercapacityreached 184.26GW, a 12.4% year-on-year (YOY) increase. The nation’stotal installed gridconnectedPV power reached 174.63GW, a 33.6% YOY increase. On the power consumption side, national power consumption totaled 6,844.9TWh, an 8.5% YOY increase. (NEA)

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    Tianjin DRC publishes distributed wind plan (2018-2025)

    Tianjin’s 2018-2025 distributed wind plan, in combination with the overall city development plan and the current state of implementation of land, power grid and wind resources, reveals that the target for installed capacity of distributed wind power is set to reach 780MW by 2025. (TianjinDRC)

    Tianjin 100m height wind speed distribution map

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    7 billion CNY Pumped hydro station begins construction in Zhejiang

    The Zhejiang Qujiang pumped hydroelectric energy storage station has begun construction.With a design capacity of 1200MW, thePHES stationrepresents a total investment of 7.3 billion CNY. The station has a planned construction periodof 70 months and once completed will havetwice the installed capacityof the two Xin'anjiang hydropower stations that are also scheduled to be completed in 2025. (JJSB)

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    China’s farthest offshore wind turbine successfully installed

    The first large-diameter offshore monopile foundation for wind turbines has been successfully installed in the Jiangsu Dafeng Offshore Wind Power Project. This is the first offshore wind turbine to be located as far as 70km from shore. (BJX)

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    Renewable energyexport from Qinghai during 2018exceeds 10TWh

    During 2018a total of 12,569 TWh of renewable energy was produced inQinghai, of which10.065TWh was exported to other provinces. At present, the installed capacity of Qinghai Province’s grid-connected renewable energy has reached 12.27GW,including 9GWof PV, 2.66GWofwind and 60MWofsolar thermal power.During 2018, the government of Qinghai province has signed framework agreements with neighboring provinces, giving priority to absorption of new energy coming from Qinghai.(State grid paper)