• China Cleantech Update April 23, 2018

    News Summary:

    • NEA promotes distributed wind
    • 7 MW wind turbines in Putian
    • Three wind projects will expire in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
    • NDRC price reduction measures
    • 2018 Energy consumption analysis
    • Shandong Province 110 key projects

    The National Energy Administration promotes social capital investment in wind distribution
    National Energy Administration issued the “Interim Management Measures for the Development and Construction of Distributed Wind Power Projects”, valid for the next 5 years. In order to be elligile as "distributed", a wind project must satisfy the following requirements:

    1. Connect to grid at 110 kV or less;
    2. Distributed wind power plants with access voltages of 35 kV and below shall fully utilize existing substations and grid facilities;
    3. Distributed wind power plants with a voltage level of 110 kV (66 kV in the northeast region) can only have one grid connection point and a total capacity within 50 MW.

    All wind power projects that satisfy the requirements will have priority in securing subsidy payments. (NEA)
    Currently, centralized (non-distributed) wind projects have to wait in line to be included on the NEA subsidy list, sometimes for many years. The new policy which simplifies the development process and offers bettter guarantees to project owners was greatly awaited by the whole industry, with hopes that it will help boost the installations in coming years, which was greatly expected by small developpers as well.   
    The first 7 MW wind turbines will be installed in Putian

    On March 26, China Railway Fuchuan Co. won the bid for the installation of 10 sets of 7 MW wind turbines in the “Fujian Pingtan Offshore Wind Farm in Putian”, with a contract of 34 million RMB. (chinanews)
    The 7MW machines to be supplied by ShangHai Electric under a license with Siemens are the largest wind turbines in China so far.


    Source: Fujian Fuchuan Investment Co

  • China Cleantech Update August 08, 2016

    News Summary:

    • Shanxi Province publishes consumption data for H1 2016
    • Zhejiang Province announces 25% non-thermal energy generation sources
    • Fujian Province announces 2GW wind power installed capacity

    Statistics: Shanxi Province H1 2016 Energy Data Released
    Shanxi Province data has been published for H1 2016. The data includes: generation, consumption, operations, and business entities. Energy generation levels for 2016 are in line with 2015 data, meaning from the energy-side, there has been no major downward pressure from macroeconomic trends. (NEA CN)
    While generation levels remain healthy, underneath the surface we expect to see mid-term impacts from the lack of quality transmission lines in the region and demand growth. Azure is tracking the provincial markets for economic signals.
    Figure: Shanxi Province Monthly Generation Data in 100s of GWh: 2016 H1 vs 2015

    Source: NEA 

  • China Cleantech Update October 20, 2016

    News Summary:

    • Zhejiang DRC and NEA publish Electric Development Plan of the 13th Five Year Plan
    • Huadian Heavy Industry wins 1.8 billion RMB offshore wind project in Jiangsu
    • Spot Market Trials rumored to be implemented by the end of 2018
    • Jiuquan City, Gansu DRC approves wind curtailment energy storage demonstration project

    Policy: Electric Development Plan of the 13th Five Year Plan published by Zhejiang DRC and NEA
    The Zhejiang NEA and DRC released its Electric Development Plan as part of the provincial 13th Five Year Plan. The province plans to install new capacity of 15.2 GW including 13.3 GW of non-fossil energy by 2020, bringing the total installed capacity of the province to 94 GW. Further targets include:

    • 43.35 GW thermal
    • 13.1 GW renewable energy (excluding hydro)
    • 12.5 GW natural gas 
    • 9.07 GW nuclear
    • 7.04 GW hydro
    • 4.93 GW pumped hydro
    • 1 GW waste heat power generation (DRC CN

    The decreasing installations of new thermal capacity forecasted in Zhejiang's 13th Five Year Plan promotes an increased share of renewables in the province, as the percentage of installed renewable capacity is expected to rise from 40% in 2015 to nearly 50% in 2020.


    Source: NEA, Azure International

  • Week of September 09, 2019

    News Summary:

    • First city-level IoE project completed in Haining, Zhejiang province
    • Mitsubishi sets up JV with State Grid for integrated energy services
    • Yunnan Energy Investment’s operating income increases 9.3% YoY in 1H2019
    • Xiangyang builds 500MW non-subsidized solar project
    • Hebei promotes distributed rooftop solar poverty alleviation projects



    First city-level IoE project completed in Haining, Zhejiang province

    The first city-level Internet of Energy (IoE) demonstration project was completed in Haining of Zhejiang province on August 29. The project, also known as the IoE Pilot Demonstration of Jiaxing City (which used to be a part of Haining city), is jointly led by State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Company and the Haining government. The demonstration project was successfully selected as one of the first batches of the National Energy Administration’s (NEA) smart energy projects.

    The project is located in Haining, a city of 700 square meters with a population of 0.8 million. The IoE structure is based on Active Distribution Networks (ADNs) and builds an urban integrated energy service platform that integrates and consumes 100% renewable energy and provides services such as building energy efficiency management, supply and demand mediation, smart energy and green transportation. It aims to successfully build an intelligent, open, shared, diverse and comprehensive urban IoE engineering model. Zhejiang Electric Power hopes to be the pioneer to realize State Grid’s vision to build and operate “a STRONG smart grid” and “Ubiquitous Power Internet of Things,” and to become a world-class IoE enterprise.

    In addition to high integration of DE (distributed energy), the ADN also achieves high quality and reliability of power operation through actively planning, managing and controlling loads, storage and power generation response and participation. (JX PEOPLE)

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    Mitsubishi sets up JV with State Grid for integrated energy services

    State Grid Energy Saving and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries have jointly set up a company to provide integrated energy services.

    On September 4, Grid Energy Mitsubishi Heavy Integrated Energy Engineering Technology Services Co., Ltd. was inaugurated in Beijing. The company is jointly funded by State Grid Energy Saving Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. State Grid Energy Saving holds 55% of the company shares and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 45%. The company is committed to building the largest and the most advanced integrated energy engineering and technology services company and key energy equipment supplier in China.

    Ren Weili, Chairman of State Grid Energy Saving and Party Secretary, said at the unveiling ceremony that the establishment of the JV is to implement State Grid’s company vision in becoming a world-class energy enterprise. The integrated energy service industry involves a wide range of missions, including a strong collaboration with professional institutions, as well as international and multi-dimensional cooperation. State Grid Energy Saving sees the establishment of the JV as an opportunity to actively comply with the new trend of the energy production and consumption revolution, stating that it will continue to promote cooperation in exploring world-class integrated energy services and other aspects, so as to achieve "complementary advantages, resource sharing, win-win cooperation and common development." (baijiahao)

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    Yunnan Energy Investment’s operating income increases 9.3% YoY in 1H2019

    In the first half of 2019, Yunnan Energy's operating income was 967 million CNY, up 9.37% year-on-year (YoY). The company’s net profit was 210 million CNY, a 37.98% YoY increase. Yunnan Energy has investments in four wind power companies with an operating income of 310 million CNY, an increase of 74 million CNY over the same period last year, and total profit of 192 million CNY, an increase of 86 million CNY. (Sina)

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    According to the NEA 2018 Operating Wind Power Status, Yunnan had an average wind utilization hours of 2,654 last year, making it the number one ranked province in China. From publicly released information, Yunnan Energy Investment’s four wind farms in Qujing and Honghe averaged 2,782 hours, which is 128 hours above Yunnan’s usual average.



    Xiangyang builds 500MW non-subsidized solar project

    Powerchina Zhongnan Engineering and the Xiangyang government have signed a contract stipulating the terms by which Powerchina will invest 4 billion CNY to build a 500MW non-subsidized solar project in Xiangyang, Hubei province. The project is set to be operating in September 2021 with an estimated annual power generation of about 900GWh. (Xiangyang GOV)

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    Hebei promotes distributed rooftop solar poverty alleviation projects

    The Hebei government has announced plans to promote the construction of about 406 distributed rooftop solar power systems as part of its housing resettlement service for the province’s impoverished population. With a construction period from November 2019 to March 2020, the projects will be under the unified organization of the government and will report to the management of the village-level poverty alleviation solar power stations. (Hebei DRC)

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